Payment Policy:

The preferred method for payment is weekly, at the close of the lesson, either by cash or check, unless other arrangements have been made in advance. 30 minute riding lessons are $25.00. Some special needs students may qualify for assistance through scholarship money, please ask for details.

Inclement Weather:

If temperatures are below 45 degrees or above 95 degrees one hour prior to your lesson time, there will be no lessons. If it has been raining for several hours prior to your lesson, it will be canceled. If you live a distance away, and are not sure if it is raining in Hahira, please call. Your instructor may be wondering why you didn't come. If in doubt, call! 229-794-1188.

No Show Policy:

If you fail to show up for your scheduled lesson and do not call before to cancel or reschedule, you may be asked to pay for your appointment anyway. Anyone who does not call or show up more than twice when they are expected will be dropped from the regular schedule and allowed back in as the schedule permits.

Weight Policy:

Because we must consider our horses' backs, we must have a weight limit. An able-bodied individual who needs no assistance with mounting or dismounting may weigh up to 220 pounds. Please realize that only certain of our horses are able to carry that weight comfortably. A disabled individual weighing more than 170 pounds may not be a good candidate for horseback riding. Please know that while we strive to help individuals with varying abilities,a 170 lb. person unable to assist in the mounting
or dismounting process, can be extremely difficult to put on or take off a horse, either under routine circumstances or emergency situations, and we must consider the safety of our volunteer side walkers, horse leaders, and horses.

Clothing Policy:

While proper riding clothing and boots are appreciated, they are not required. Jeans, or pants, which cover the legs are expected. Shirts should be long enough to cover the back and stomach appropriately. Shirttails and/or jackets should not be so long as to hinder the riders ability to sit comfortably and correctly in the saddle. Hard soled shoes with a 1"- 1 1/2" heel are preferred over tennis shoes or other rubber soled shoes. This is a safety issue. Please ask, if you have doubts as to whether your shoes and clothes are appropriate. Safety helmets are provided for your use, however some people prefer to have their own. (We do apply disinfectant spray after each rider finishes with a school helmet.)

Rescheduling Lessons Policy:

Occasionally an appointment, sickness, weather, or other obstacle may prevent you or the Jacobs' Ladder staff from meeting at your scheduled time. All attempts will be made to reschedule your lesson at an agreeable time for both parties, as soon as is feasibly possible.

No Smoking Policy:

There is to be NO SMOKING on the premises or in the barn. Dropped cigarette butts are unsightly and if they get into the pastures, are not good for the horses. In the barn there is hay stored, which is highly flammable, and equipment is very expensive to replace, should a fire break out. We appreciate your cooperation on this matter.